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Hello everyone!! I am super excited to do something that is brand new to me - a home tour series with several other bloggers! Sometimes, I share with you little projects and I feel that you only see that little piece and don't see how it fits into my home. Some of you may be coming over to visit Architecture of a Mom for the first time from one of my blog friends. Either way...welcome! I'm Rachel, and in addition to my blog here, I am a full time architect, a wife, and mom to 3 little girls. So come along with me and check out how I have my home decorated - well, at least the downstairs. The bedrooms I'll have to save for another day!

We moved into our house 9 years ago this week. I was pregnant with my first born and we thought there was no way we would fill this house up. But then, with surprise twins a few years later, we found out just how cozy this house could be!

I am really loving how my front door looks right now.

That monogram is a super simple project made from broken mirror tiles! Welcome!

When you come into my house, we have a small foyer that has very few walls - it opens to our dining room, a small corridor to our living room, and our office (what is probably supposed to be a formal living room).

I redid our office a little over a year ago, and it went from a dumping ground to a place I love to craft, write, and sew in.

I love how the gallery wall turned out.

If you have any large scale art like this map, you should check out how we framed here: How to Frame Large Art on a Budget

The dining room is done in green. The picture frame molding is a project that my husband. father-in-law, and I did many years ago. I made the cake stand that the candle is sitting on.

This room also doubles as a craft room and it's one of the few places in our home that I decorate with family pictures.

Our living room opens directly to our kitchen. Last year, we spent months redoing the ceiling and painting the whole room.

This room has some of my favorite artwork, like the pineapple welcome art, a rustic faux window, and a metallic medallion.

And I'm super excited to announce that the red couch is no more. This is an ikea ektorp loveseat which is better scaled to our space. I have both a white slip cover and a light beige slip cover so we can change them out as the mood strikes.

We use an old stereo that we found at a yard sale as a sofa table. I refinished both the pitcher and the candlesticks.

When you are creative, but you work full time outside the house, you have to be ready to wait on projects. We are still trying to figure out what we'll be doing to our fireplace wall and mantel. 

But that doesn't stop me from wanting it to look nice. I just recently did this no-sew banner to celebrate Independence Day.

The kitchen is a simple galley style, but since one side is open, it feels light and airy. 

This tile quote sign hangs above the table. The scripture is a good reminder for all of us. 

For convenience we keep the silverware in a caddy on the table. 

We don't use the bar for seating, so it's a good area to tuck a bookshelf and our much used step stool.

And that's the downstairs of our home. Sometime soon I'll do a tour of the upstairs!

And now you get a chance to check out other bloggers and how they decorate their homes for summer. Come and check them all out!!

So many great summer decorating ideas in these summer home tours from 20+ bloggers!Hi

I hope you check them all out! Enjoy!

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  1. I love the pineapple welcome sign and the silverware caddy! And that banner is perfect for the Fourth!

  2. Hey rachel - love your tour, especially your gallery walls. And don't you just love the Ektorp series. We recently purchased a couple of the chairs and they are fantastic! So fun sharing tour day with you!
    Vicki and Jenn
    2 Bees in a Pod

  3. I love your home, especially all of the gallery walls & your personal touches. And the stereo cabinet turned sofa table is such a great find!

  4. What a pretty home tour. Love all the unique touches you have added to your home. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love your home tour! Thanks for letting us in! It was fun touring with you this week!

  6. My favorite is your pineapple welcome sign! Thanks for sharing your tour!

  7. Such a pretty home and its filled with such charm and class. I love the framed map, thanks for letting us tour your wonderful home and its been fun getting to know everyone home.

  8. Beautiful home and tour! I love the mix of old and new throughout! It really gives it a timeless feel. So glad to have been a part of the tour with you!

  9. Great tour Rachel! Loved the gallery walls and Ikea couches are awesome :)

  10. So pretty! Love your personal touches! And, I totally thought that was a Pottery Barn couch at first glance! Raise the roof for Ikea! ;)