No-sew Patriotic Banner Garland

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Hi folks! I haven’t been decorating as much for the seasons in recent months, but lately I have wanted to throw a bit of patriotic flair around the house recently in celebration of Independence Day. The problem is that my schedule hasn’t allowed as much time as I wanted for such décor problems. My solution was to find an easy, no-sew way to decorate my makeshift mantel with a garland – and I love it!!

Here’s what you need:
Jute rope
Clothespins ( found some rope and clothespins on a spindle on clearance, but there is no reason that you can’t buy these items separately!
At least a couple fat quarters of coordinating patriotic fabric
Cutting mat
Fabric rotary cutter

First, using the ruler, cutting mat, and rotary cutter, cut the fabric into 6 inch high pieces. Place your piece of fabric so that its long direction goes horizontal and the 6 inch portion goes vertically.

Then, cut your fabric at an angle, from the top left corner down to the bottom, 2 inches from the bottom left corner. Discard the piece to the left.

Then cut at an angle from the bottom corner to the top, 4 inches from the top left corner. You will have a pennant (an isosceles triangle) that is 6 inches high and 4 inches across at the widest point. Next cut at an angle from the top left corner to 4 inches from the bottom left corner. Keep repeating with the rest of the fabric.

Take your rope and your first clothespin. Place the rope right up inside the fulcrum of the clothespin at about 6 inches from the left end of the rope. Clip the top left of one of the pennants into the bottom of the clothespin. By having the rope near the fulcrum and the fabric near the bottom of the clothespin, you will keep the clothespin from tipping over. Repeat with the next clothespin, pinning the top right corner of the first pennant and the top left corner of the second pennant into the same clothespin. Keep repeating until you reach the desired length of your banner.

And that’s it. A simple no-sew banner that’s perfect for some patriotic décor. I may be stealing this idea for an easy way to decorate for the seasons.


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