About Architecture of a Mom

Hi! I'm Rachel & I'm so glad that you're visiting me here at Architecture of a Mom

I am a full time architect, wife, and mommy to three girls: a seven year old (born in 2007) and twin preschoolers (born in 2011). 

I live near Charlotte, NC. Once I survived the first few months of mothering the twins with a preschooler, too, I realized that I needed something to be my little bit of sanity--somewhere to encourage me to create. Between work and keeping up with family, "me" time tends to be in short supply around here...anyone climb that mountain of laundry yet this week? Basically, I needed "build" a blog that was a creative outlet...and that's when I created Architecture of a Mom!

I focus on 3 passions here.

Cooking is one passion. I talk about my menu planning and recipes I develop. I get too bored cooking up the same things week after week, so it's always an adventure! It's my passion to create dishes that are family friendly, tasty, and most of the time, extremely easy. I don't ever want someone to be intimidated by cooking!

Crafting and DIY is another area that I enjoy! I always have my hands doing something, even while we're watching TV. There is something so satisfying in knowing that you've made something that is beautiful and useful.

Family is my last passion that I share at Architecture of a Mom. My little ones keep my hands full, so I am constantly looking for frugal ways to keep life fun while saving time so I can enjoy my girls and my husband!

Welcome to my corner of the blogosphere...I'm so glad you're here!

Want to talk to me? Feel free to email me at architectureofamom {at} gmail {dot} com

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Photo credits: Christina Nicole Photography