Tips and Tricks for Creating a Gallery Wall

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Have you admired gallery walls but feel intimidated on how to assemble your own? If you're intimidated by the design aspect or simply scared by hanging so many pieces at once, I have some easy to follow tips. I wanted a gallery wall in my new office makeover. These tips are not rules, but simply make it easier to make a beautiful gallery wall with minimal nail holes--and minimal stress!

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Pick one main color and a bunch of neutrals.

If you're overwhelmed just selecting art, then just stick to one main color. I picked a deep blue as my main color. Everything else is black, white, gray, gold and silver. Okay, there is a little bit of yellow, but it's a background color that actually goes with the gold.

Here are some of the projects that are in my wall:
Color Outside the Lines Artwork
Glitter Striped Monogram

Mix and match the shapes and sizes of your pieces.

If you keep a very regular, grid layout, if one picture is just slightly out of line—you will notice it. If there are a variety of shapes, your eye will not notice tiny imperfections. Most of my pieces are rectangular, but the pieces are not all the same size, and the letters and the star break things up. A variety also helps create texture and interest.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Repeat colors. Repeat textures. Repeat shapes. Repeat textures. Repetition makes your layout more cohesive: no one item stands out. Some things I repeated in my gallery wall: colors, textures (glitter anyone?), shapes, word art, letters, documents, and content (there are several European landscapes).

Think ahead.

I took all the my artwork that I wanted in my gallery wall and an empty piece of floor and arranged and rearranged different layouts. Play around! Take pictures so you can remember which you like best.

Measure, measure, measure.

At first, I had a more horizontal arrangement. Then I realized that the only wall in my office that would hold that kind of layout was the wall that was slated to hold the map. So then I measured the wall that the gallery would need to go on. Don't make my mistake: make sure you know the dimensions of your wall.

Walk away.

Take a break for a day or two and come back with fresh eyes. Maybe you'll like a slightly different configuration. Get some fresh eyes...perhaps even an outside opinion.

Make a mockup.

Once you have a layout you like, lay it out on a large piece of paper. I used butcher paper. 

Then trace around each piece with a pencil. Label each spot so you know what will go there. Then you can measure where each piece's hanging hardware is, and mark it on the paper.

Let the mockup be your guide.

Hang up your mockup on the wall using painters tape. Then all you need to do is start installing your hardware (nails, etc) in the wall. 

Do a quick dry run amd hang all the pieces up once all the nails are in to make sure you didn't make a mistake with your math. We had to move a couple of nails. Take a picture. Then take down your art, and gently tear the paper down. Hang the art back up using your picture, and then start enjoying your gallery wall of art! For more info on my office remake click here.

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