Shabby Chalky Finish Tin Can Silverware Holders

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Sometimes, the best laid organizational plans go astray. Either that, or they are completely destroyed by the tiny humans that live in our homes. I love my little girls, but if you believe little girls are gentle and delicate...well, you obviously don't know many little girls. That's the story behind this cute little silverware caddy.

Do you remember when I went to Haven and how I built a cute little mason jar caddy designed by Jaime at That's My Letter? If you want to be inspired to build, I highly recommend her blog. I painted the caddy white and had silverware in the mason jars. But you may notice that although this is a mason jar tote, I do not have any mason jars in them. That's because they are made of glass. And do you know the big down side of glass.

Yes, it breaks. Especially when tiny humans look at them funny. Or are tasked to put silverware inside of said glass. So after around 4 broke over the course of about 4 months, I decided that we needed to find a less breakable, yet still cute way to organize my silverware.

Enter the can. Namely, a 14 ounce bean can and two 20 ounce pineapple cans. Very difficult to break, even for children.

But I wanted something cute. So I turned to some Folk Art Chalk Finish Paint in Cascade, with white wax and clear wax (affiliate links included for your convenience).

First, I painted the cans. I did two coats, sanding with a fine grit sandpaper sponge in between coats. I allowed the paint to dry completely. I sanded after the second coat enough to make everything smooth, plus add a little bit of rustic quality to it.

Then I applied white wax all over the cans and then wiped most of it off. Most of what remained is in the grooves of the cans. 

After the white wax dried, I applied a coat of clear, and then allowed to dry overnight, and then buffed the cans to a soft gloss.

And there you have it, a (hopefully) unbreakable set of cans that fit into my caddy - perfect for my newly painted kitchen! 


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