Glitter Striped Letter

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Gallery walls are still pretty popular, and one way to add to art and photographs you have in your gallery wall is to add letters. They may be letters from your family, letters you like the shape of, or letters you've found in architectural salvage. Salvaged letters are cool, but let's face it: most of the time, it's expensive. Most likely, the most inexpensive place to buy letters is from a craft supply website or store. But these letters need some dressing up before adding them to a wall gallery. That's why I made this glitter striped letter—and it really can't be easier!

Here's what you need:
Craft letter (mine was primed white)

Mod Podge
Low tack tape of your choice—I used washi tape but you could use painters tape or masking tape

This project is very straightforward.

Apply your tape. I eyeballed the spacing, but you can measure it.

Brush on your mod podge.

Sprinkle on glitter. Pour off excess (back into your container!). Allow to dry.

If you would like better coverage, apply a second coat of mod podge and glitter once the first coat has dried.

Once you have achieved the coverage you desire, allow to dry overnight, then carefully remove the tape.

A glittery striped letter adds texture and light to any gallery wall!

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