Wooden Fall Wreath with Fabric Pumpkins

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Well, when the seasons change it’s usually time around my house to start thinking about what my wreath is going to be for the season. I’m not alone, so if you’re looking for loads and loads of autumnal wreath inspiration, follow this post all the way to the end to check out all of the fall wreaths my bloggy friends have come up with! Of course, I’ve already told you in my fall mantel post that this season is crazy for me this year. So I decided to make part of my wreath, reuse part of my wreath, and buy part of my wreath.

Are you in love with all the fabric pumpkins that you’ve seen around the internet over the last few years? That’s the part I made, and it’s super simple. 

Here’s what you need for the pumpkins: (I use affiliate links for your convenience, if you click and buy something with the link you don’t pay any more but I earn a little commission):
Orange fabric
Small Plate
Ball point pen
Gold Paint (I used Decoart Metallics 24K Gold)

I took a small plate (around 6 inches in diameter) and some orange velveteen fabric. 

Using a pen, I traced the plate onto the back side of the fabric and cut it out. I then sewed a 3/4” hem all the way around the edge of the circle, leaving a small gap. 

Then I threaded a pipe cleaner through the hem. 

I used a small handful of batting to stuff the pumpkin and pulled the pipe cleaner tight and twisting. To make the curlicue I just wrapped the pipe cleaner around the pen; to make a stem I doubled up the other part of the pipe cleaner, but I left some excess to attach the pumpkins to my wreath. I gave the stems a little touch of the gold paint.

Now, on to what I reused. Remember my plaid wood wreath? Well, I took that stained wooden wreath form from target.

And I painted the edges (inside and out) with my gold paint.

I also had bought a fun orange ruffle scarf. It just screams fall, don't you think?

Basically, to assemble the wreath, I slip knotted the scarf around the wreath form and used the holes in the wreath form to attach the pipe cleaner stems of the pumpkins on. That's it!

This wreath is a part of a huge bloggy wreath party for fall!! If you're looking for other ways to celebrate autumn with a wreath, you should check all of these posts! Each of these bloggers have their own spin on a fall wreath, but they are all awesome!

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  1. I don't think I had ever looked at your logo before, but it's lovely! Love the roman column.
    This wreath is great for fall. Well done!

  2. Ariel, I'm an architect, so I had to have part of that in the logo! Thanks so much for the comment!

  3. What adorable little pumpkins, and that scarf absolutely does scream fall! Beautiful wreath!

  4. The scarf was a great idea and the wood is perfect for fall!

  5. I love the fabric pumpkins on the wood wreath! Such great textures! So cute!

  6. Hey Rachel...all around great upcycle and diy! Love that you reused that old wreath and I'll definitely file away that pumpkin tutorial. And thanks for the tech help!
    Wishing you a lovely day.

    Hugs, Lynn

  7. Cute pumpkins!! They look great on the wood wreath. Happy Fall!

  8. Hi Rachel, I love the little pumpkins you made! They could be created in a number of different sizes for other projects as well. I will be remembering that tutorial!