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When Architecture of a Mom was just a baby blog, I explained why I wanted to blog.  This was back before I realized that most posts do better if there are pictures in the post, so please be kind. I’ve grown as a blogger and as a mom, but I still want to be creative and share the journey with you. This little pumpkin is a story about learning and creativity and learning to let go. You see, even creative people struggle with trying a new medium. Here in the blogging world, I think we feel the pressure to show our readers a beautiful completed project. But I have struggled and struggled with watercolors. So I took a class with Lucy from Craftberry Bush when I went to Haven. Did she show us some techniques? Yep. Did I use any of them for my little pumpkin painting….not really. 

What I took from that class and what this little pumpkin is about is threefold:

-Creativity (and watercolor painting) is not about perfection.  It’s messy. Hey, so is life!

-It always looks better when it’s dry. Don’t despair. You know, the night is always darkest before the dawn. Be patient.

-When you view being creativity as a means to an end (to relax, for example), you have better results.

You know, like this little pumpkin. This past Thursday, it was time to watch Panther’s football after working late at a meeting. I just wanted to unwind and experiment with watercolor paints. I sketched a little with watercolor pencils so my sketch lines wouldn’t show in the final painting, but then I just went with the flow. It was wonderful.

May you find a little creativity in your life today.

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