The Architecture of My Mind

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I’ve started several blogs, and after a few months, well, they start to fall by the wayside. What happens? Well, mostly, life happens. I am the wife and household manager for my wonderful husband Zach. I am the mommy of 3 little ones—one four year old and twin 10 month olds. Most would say each one of those is a full time job. I also work full time at another job as an architect. So between all of that, to keep up with a blog is mostly overwhelming.

However, I love blogging. What I’ve struggled with is what to blog. For a while, I maintained a blog that cataloged how my little ones grew, which was particularly important when my twins were born 8 weeks prematurely—they were monoamniotic monochorionic—a condition which basically means that they were in the same amniotic sac, a very dangerous situation. They spent 5 ½ weeks in the NICU, and the blog was to allow people to follow our journey. But once they came home, my schedule no longer allowed for regular blogging.

I’ve also done a regular family blog. But let’s face it, it’s hard to come up with exciting posts when most of my days look like this: Got up. Got the family ready. Dropped kids off at daycare. Went to work. Picked everyone up. Made dinner. Got everyone to bed. Collapsed. Exciting, no? And after a high risk pregnancy, trust me, I’m glad that my life is that boring!

So in my most recent blogging attempt, I’m not going to do regular family updates. No, I’m not going to promise you absolutely no personal updates or cute pictures of my kids, cause I’ll probably have an exciting day here and there. Instead, I’m going to share things that I love, and things that keep me sane. You know, the “structures” that I build to keep life’s craziness manageable. The categories are:

Cooking—I love to cook, but during the week, I have little time to do it. I’ve found that meal planning keeps things sane. Or saner, anyway. I’ll be sharing the plans and some of the recipes I use.

Saving money—My husband calls me the coupon queen. I’m not a coupon crazy or an extreme couponer (hate the bad rap that show has given people who coupon!), but I looove saving money. I’ll be sharing my methods and any tremendous deals.

Design—A lot of stuff fall under this category. Architecture and decor (after all, I went to school for it!), crafts, and artwork. I have to be doing something—All. The. Time. If I’m watching t.v. with my husband, usually that means I am working on a knitting project. Or I’m working on another project. I’ll share some of the results. It’s not necessarily the results, though. It’s the process…it’s another thing that keeps me sane.

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  1. Hey Joyce! Nice to meet you! Yes it does seem that we hava a ton in common! I will def try to keep up with your blog...adding it to my iPad home screen:)