Menu Planning Monday 2016-08-01

9:03:00 AM

Hi folks!! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. My husband and I have both had very crazy work schedules, my kids are all getting ready for school, and somehow I managed to squeeze in 6 family doctor appointments in, too. I’m sorry I missed doing a menu last week; honestly, I suffered all week because I didn’t plan ahead. So even though this week is a little crazy (I’m going to the blog conference Haven at the end of this week!) I don’t want my kiddos to end up eating cereal and junk food all week, so here we are! Here’s the meal plan for the week:

Monday: Chicken Caesar Salad, Grapes, Bread
Tuesday: Chicken nuggets, carrots, yogurt, applesauce
Wednesday: Naan Mexican Pizza, Fruit

Thursday: Fiesta Twice Baked Potatoes, Sausages, Carrots, Fruit

Saturday: Leftovers


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