Menu Planning Monday 2013-04-08

7:35:00 PM

I am so excited that it seems like spring is finally here. We've spent some fun time outside this weekend, and I actually got the garden cleared out and planted with some early crop plants!! We'll see if I waited too late. The last couple of years I haven't got started early, but we always have a garden. I can't wait to get some fresh veggies growing in the backyard.

Luckily, we got a fresh pick-up of veggies this past week, so I'll be incorporating that into our menu for the week.

Monday: It's a major deadline day for me, so I'm planning on the husband and kiddos having cheese and crackers and's actually a family favorite!
Tuesday: Sweet Potato Casserole, Honey Parmesan Pork, Salad

Wednesday: Chicken Fajitas, Salad
Thursday: Chicken Nuggets, Lime Roasted Broccoli, Fruit

Friday: Turkey Tacos, Fruit
Saturday: Birthday party for the twins--we're having a Baked Penne dish (more details on that coming soon!), Special Shaped Foccaccia, Salad, and cupcakes

Sunday: Leftovers!

What are you having to eat this week?

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  1. Love coming and see what you are making! That pork looks DELICIOUS!! :) Stopping by from SITS.-The Dose Girls

  2. The pork looks yummy! We are on vacation with my family this week, so fortunately, I haven't had to do any menu planning. Last night we had fish burgers and oven-baked sweet potato fries and tonight is slow-cooker carnitas with guacamole and a big salad! It should be good!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog last week and making my SITS Day special! I hope to see you again!