Friday Fun: What Easter Can Look Like with Kids...

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I love Easter. Many years, we have spent it at the beach, and went to church on the beach at sunrise. This year, we didn't go, so we had lots of plans around locally.

But first, we had a little bit of snuggles Saturday morning...

And then we went egg hunting at a local church. I loved how they have story time sharing why we celebrate Easter, and the girls were fascinated, although they did lose interest by the end (it was a long story).

After story time and lunch, we hunted eggs. Princess Pea was all about it. Look at all the eggs she found!

Sweet Pea took a little more time to warm up to the idea, but she got the hang of it!

Lil Bit was old enough to be in another area with her daddy, but she was excited to trade in all the eggs to get a kite!

After all that, we took a good nap and then headed to a birthday party for my nephew. We had loads of fun, and then we all went to bed so we could get up in plenty of time to take pictures and get to church early because we knew it was going to be packed.

But then one of the twins kept crying out in the night, and then stopping. Finally, around 4:30-5 she woke up screaming. We managed to calm her down, but she (Princess Pea) is a daddy's girl, so she had to be touching him. Right before we were supposed to get up, we realized what the problem was...major tummy woes. Let's just say we went through a lot of diapers and pants over the course of Sunday morning. Her twin wasn't sick, but she had been showing a little bit of symptoms, so we decided to keep both of them home. Daddy and big sister headed to church, and mommy and twins hung out and watched lots of tv (we don't do much tv with them...unless they are sick). Everyone was a little sleep deprived.

So it wasn't the Easter Sunday that I had planned, but it was still full of snuggles with my little ones. Still a blessing, and I reminded myself that there were a lot of folks at Easter church who don't go someone else got to use my seat there last Sunday...which was a blessing to someone else. I count that as a win all around.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter, and that your blessings abounded.

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