O Christmas Tree!

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I wish I could tell you a story about how we went to the North Carolina mountains with the kids, picked a beautiful, fragrant, real tree as a family, and put all handmade ornaments on it.

But…I have cats. The one time we had a real tree was a disaster with them climbing it and knocking it down. They actually climb the fake tree too, just not as much. They even try to eat the fake tree…crazy cats.

But…I work full time. I have to say that having a pre-lit tree that comes in three big segments plus a base is a real time saver.

But…I have small children. Right now, I’m loving the shatter-proof ornaments because we haven’t had a day yet where multiple ornaments have been taken off the tree (and then there’s the cats, who will do that, too). We have a few hand-made ornaments, and eventually, we’ll make more, as a family.

So this is my tree…and I love it. My almost 5 year old helped me decorate it. The twins are fascinated with it. And it fits my lifestyle at the moment, not a theme.

Maybe one day, we’ll get my dream tree…but this is a dream tree to my family. And we’ll enjoy it as a family, and I’ll try to focus on the important things this Christmas season.

christmas tree party

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  1. Very Nice to see a Christmas tree without a theme, that's almost rare today :-) Nice thinking and you such right, it's not what sin the tree that matters, but who's around the tree :-)

  2. Your tree looks beautiful, great job!

    Garrett @TheGrowingPatch

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