Nativity & Snow Globes Christmas Vignette

5:56:00 AM

Do you have Christmas decorations that you love…but you just can’t figure out how to display them? My husband and I have collected several snow globes through the years, and I love nativity sets. I want to collect more, but at the same time, neither of these are items that I can leave where the kiddos can get to them. We’ve tried putting them up on the mantel, but their size (relatively small) and the height of the mantel makes them feel…lost. So this year, I decided to give a try to the peninsula bar that separates our living room from our kitchen…and I love it!!

I love how the garland creates a base with all of these little items rising up from it…the garland creates a unity I wouldn’t have with just the globes.

The nutcracker was bought a few years back…it fits in because it is too large for the tree, too small for the mantel, and is something that little fingers are just itching to touch. We placed it on a gift box that is in the shape of a drum!

This little nativity is my favorite. An old roommate of mine brought it back from Haiti.

And then we allowed the nativities to spill onto the bookcase below.

We don’t use the upper bar for anything other than a dumping ground, normally, so anything is truly a step up from what is normal for us. My husband likes this vignette so much he is encouraging me to find some décor items to put up on this bar to create a vignette year round.

Do you have any decorations that you just can’t figure out what to do with? It’s only taken me five years in this house to figure this one out!

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  1. Hi Rachel, Great display! I love the nativity with the coconut creche' beautiful. Joyous Wishes, Linda

  2. It's always nice when you can show off your collectibles during the holidays, it just makes you smile. I think you've managed to show them off just fine. :-)

    Linking back from Holiday home

  3. Love it all, especially the nativity from Haiti!

  4. It may have taken a while to find a display, but it is perfect now! Love the Nativities, especially the one from Haiti!


  5. My mom gave me part of her snowman collection... but I don't really have a bookcase or anything to put them on. I'm thinking of putting up some shelving for seasonal decorations like them. I want a nativity... *sigh*
    Grace @

  6. ooo very pretty! I love it all! Thought you might be interesting in entering my Photobook giveaway.

  7. Neat way to display your decorations. I agree with you- I love the Nativity display!!