Gingerbread House--Friday Fun!..with a sad twist

3:02:00 PM

I started to write a happy post about creating a little Christmas craft with my oldest.

Then I happened to hear about the shooting that happened today in Connecticut. The basic gist of this post remains the same, but with a heavy heart and a sad tone.

I don't care if you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or you don't celebrate anything at all; December can be busy, crazy and frustrating.

Take the time to spend time with your loved ones during this season, regardless of what you believe. Lil Bit loved doing this little premade craft with me. It was simple. Some of the parts came from the box and weren't right. We assembled other parts slightly wrong. And that's ok. We had a great time.

Tonight, there will be families that wish they had their loved ones back. They won't care that the house is dirty, the presents aren't wrapped, or the traffic was hectic.

So tonight, I'm going to hug my children close and pray for the families who cannot do that because of this shooting. I'm going to pray for the family of this young man who apparently went on the shooting rampage. I'm going to pray for the children and families who experienced this trauma.

Won't you join me in prayer?

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  1. Amen! I did the same with my little boy. My heart just aches for these children and families!

    Happy Sharefest!