Rosemary and Milk Paint Christmas Vignette

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Hi folks! I hope that your Christmas season is going well. It's been a little crazy around these parts. No matter how hard I work before the Christmas season starts, I still seem to find myself scurrying around all month long with all my commitments. I guess that's why I'm always attracted to easy and inexpensive ways to decorate for the season! This little Joy vignette is simple - you really can do this in just a few minutes (plus drying time) with things that are lying around your house (and maybe even your recycle bin!). The secret ingredient to making this vignette work? Milk Paint!

Here's what you need (affiliate links included for your convenience):
Glass bottles (we were cleaning out before Christmas decorating)
Rosemary trimmings
Brushes, Whisk, water for mixing

I mixed up the milk paint using a little mini whisk. After letting it sit a little to get rid of the bubbles, I painted one of my bottles and 2 wooden tags.Then I allowed them to dry,

I took some trimmings from my rosemary bush and twisted it into a wreath, I basically made a circle with a couple of branches and then twisted them until they stayed. That's the O.

When the paint was dry on the glass bottle, I used sandpaper to distress the ridges of the bottle.

To prep the tags for chalk, I rubbed the side of a piece of chalk all over the front surface and then wiped them off with a dry rag. I drew a J on one and a Y on the other.

Then I just used the twinkle lights to fasten the tags onto the bottles and hung the mini wreath on the middle bottle.

Easy, fast simple. and now it's ready to enjoy throughout the season!

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