Menu Planning Monday 2012-08-06

5:35:00 PM

This coming week threatens to be another crazy one, but we are looking forward to a week off the following week. We'll be combining meal plans with my sister next week, but that plan starts this Saturday, so it's a little different than what I'd normally be doing--and that's a good thing!

Monday: Asian Sausage, Salad, and Roasted Tomato Bread

Tuesday: Healthier Breakfast for Dinner

Wednesday: Bacon Cheeseburgers and salad (using leftover bacon from Tuesday)
Thursday: Roasted Corn and Quesadillas
Friday:  Brown Sugar & Spice Chicken (recipe coming soon!), Green Beans
Saturday: Vodka Pasta
Sunday: Hot Dogs and corn while we watch my sister's kids

What are you planning to eat this week?

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