Menu Planning Monday 2016-02-22

8:01:00 PM

Howdy folks! I hope that you had a wonderful weekend! Around here, the weather was wonderful, which meant that I got less than I wanted done but I had lots of fun with my kids. I'll take that kind of delay any time. Unfortunately, spring isn't here quite yet...we only had a little tease of it.

But Spring fever or no, we still need to eat. Here's the plan for the week:

Monday: Leftovers
Tuesday: Barbecue Spice Turkey in the crockpot, Broccoli and cheese

Wednesday:  Leftover Turkey Soup

Wednesday: Apple Sausage Bean Hash, Salad

Thursday: Meatball Sandwiches, Salad
Friday: Roasted Vegetable Penne

Saturday: Homemade Pizza
Sunday: Jambalaya (we didn't have it last week)

What are you eating?

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