Menu Planning Monday 2016-02-01

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Howdy folks! How are you? I'm super excited about this week! My Carolina Panthers are playing in the Super Bowl and I can't wait!! My little girls are super excited too: they weren't alive the last time we were here! So I see lots of fun and chili in my future on Sunday! I'm also super excited for the week because today I did my first big super batch of freezer cooking in years with my sister. We made 6 meals for each of our families! All of them are crockpot meals, too. I'll be sharing pointers on how to do an easy freezer meal session this week!

menu planning monday

Here's the plan for the menu this week:

Monday: Sausage, Corn, Salad, Bread
Tuesday: Teriyaki Chicken, Rice, and Steamed Broccoli (this is one of the freezer meals I prepped today!
Wednesday: Creamy Burritos

Thursday: Fried Rice
Friday: Leftovers
Saturday: Parmesan Chive Tilapia, Salad, Bread, Sweet Potatoes

Sunday: Crockpot Chili with Cocoa, Salad, Bread, and superbowl snacks

What are you having for the superbowl? I'd love to hear!

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