Mod Podge Initial Necklaces

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Do you know what happens when you craft for one child? The other two want to know where their craft is. At least, that’s what happens at my house. A while back, I made a flower necklace for Lil Bit, mostly as an experiment with Dimensional Magic and Mod Melts. Of course, the twins immediately wanted to know where their necklaces were. I wanted to make theirs a little different, though. These necklaces were going to be personalized even more—with their initials!

I started out with some Mod Podge jewelry blanks.

Believe it or not, I started with the back of the pendants. I hate it when a necklace is gorgeous on the front and ugly on the back. And we all know that the twins won’t be paying attention when they put these necklaces on, so I wanted the backs to be as pretty as the fronts. I took some pretty podgeable paper and traced the outline of the pendants and cut them out. I applied an even coat of Mod Podge onto the back of the pendant, and then pressed the paper down really well on top.

I made sure that the paper went into the little groove that the jewelry blanks have on the back.

To make the backs even more…well, blinged  out, I used silver Dimensional Magic to fill in the back depression and cover the paper. The silver isn’t opaque, but rather has silver flecks throughout—kind of like glitter. I allowed the dimensional magic to dry according to the package directions.

For the front, I took the white glitter I used for Lil Bit’s necklace and some Mod Podge. Basically, I applied an even coat of the Mod Podge onto the front of the blank, and then I applied the glitter and let it dry.

I found some scrapbooking letters that were pre-punched into circles, and glued those on top of the glitter.

Then, I applied clear dimensional magic on top of the letters, making a little dome. Make sure you pop any bubbles that appear before it dries!

But then, the twins wanted to know why they didn't get flowers on their necklaces like their sister we added some flowers that I made when we made the Mod Melt hair clips. I just used a little bit of super glue to secure them to both sides, and we were done. It was super easy to make these little pendants...the hardest part was waiting for them to dry!


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