Mod Metallic Easter Eggs

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Last year, I created this project for my friend Stacey over at Glued to My Crafts. I love a good upcycle, and I thought you might enjoy this fun way to reuse or repurpose plastic Easter eggs in a modern way!

If you have little ones, about this time of year you may get overrun with plastic Easter eggs. I love the symbolism of the Easter egg…we are so blessed to have new life through the events of Easter. What I don’t love: plastic Easter eggs under foot. How many people have almost lost their balance when they’ve found an Easter egg underfoot? And a Easter egg half—well, that ranks up with a lego for foot pain when you step on it. I would so much rather use some of them as décor.

So while I could appropriate borrow some of the kiddo’s Easter eggs as-is, I know that I would have a hard time keeping my eggs where I put them. If toddlers see something that looks like their toy, they automatically assume it is theirs. So this mommy started to look for a way to make my Easter décor my own. A while back, Young House Love did a quick tour of Jonathan Adler’s store, and they happened to show a blue and gold striped egg that was for sale (I can't find the egg in Jonathan Adler's store website, but it was there it Sherry's post). Inspiration! I knew I could do something similar with plastic Easter eggs, but with silver spray paint, so that the primary color was metallic and the color peeking through was the original color of the egg.

So here’s  how you make your Mod Metallic Easter eggs:

Plastic Easter eggs
Flat rubber bands of medium width
Metallic spray paint
Newspaper or a drop cloth to protect your work surface

Wrap 2-3 rubber bands around each egg.

Spray paint the eggs, using thin, even coats.

Dry per instructions on the spray paint. Remove the rubber bands, and voila! You have simple, yet mod, Easter decorations.

And none of the kiddos are going to mistake mommy’s Easter basket for their own!

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