Easy Embellished Hot Glue Necklace

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Have you used the Mod Melt product from Mod Podge? I used it for these glitter embellished hair clips, but I wanted to experiment with the molds a little with this project. Did you know that you could use hot glue to fill these molds? Really, this is just a project with me experimenting with my Christmas presents...and now my girls are all fighting over it.

Here's what you need:

Hot glue/glue gun
Mod Melt silicone molds--I used the flower one
Colored ink--I used purple India ink
Mod Podge Dimensional Magic
Mod Podge Podgeable shape--I used an oval one I had on hand
Mod Podge
White glitter

First, I took the Podgeable Shape and applied a thin coat of Mod Podge. While it was still wet, I sprinkled on the glitter. I wanted a good coat of glitter, so I let it dry, and then I repeated the process.

While all that was drying, I started experimenting with the hot glue gun and the silicone molds. The real key to these molds--whether you are using hot glue or Mod Melts--is to fill out the bottom and edges all the way around before you fill the top. That way you can be sure to fill the entire mold.

Once the cabochon is cool, you can pop it out of the mold, and then the real fun begins. I wanted the ink to color the depressions of the flower shape while leaving the "highlights" translucent white. India ink does a great job with that--and it's permanent, so I don't have to worry about the finish coming off.

Once everything was dry, I was ready to experiment with my other Christmas present--Dimensional Magic.

I had read up on the material, so I knew not to shake the bottle and to take my time with it. I carefully covered the glitter on the oval, and then once it had dried just a little, I placed the cabochon on top. I let the Dimensional Magic Dry for 24 hours, and then I put another coat on the glitter portion. I did this for 2 reasons: since I didn't use any glue I wanted to make sure the cabochon was attached firmly to the pendant. But more importantly--the glitter was a little bumpy, and those bumps telegraphed through the Dimensional Magic a little, and I wanted to smooth things out a little.

After everything was done, I simply threaded a piece of very thin ribbon through the hole on the podgeable shape. Here is my little girl wearing hers. All of the sudden, I have 2 other little girls who want a flower necklace!!

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