Nautical Summer Mantel and a Window Frame Redo

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It's time for my summer mantel! I took my theme from my beachy projects over the last few weeks and made a nautical mantel.

The lynch pin of  this mantel was a complete surprise. The faux window started its life as a black, beige and red sponge painted clearance find from Hobby Lobby. 80% off? Yes please!! (I also found that awesome gear replica there, and although it isn't strictly nautical, I had to throw it in!)

I wasn't fond of the paint job, so all I did was spray paint the frame the same deep blue as my wreath. I may make it antiqued looking with another coat of paint or wax later, but for now, I'm really enjoying the deep blue.

Easy, and only taking a little bit of patience waiting between coats. A simple, blue, slightly nautical mantel--the perfect counterpoint to the dog days of summer, I think!

If you're interested in the other projects on this mantel, you can find them here:

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Thanks for stopping by!

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