Ombre Origami Fish Art

8:24:00 PM

Sometimes, I create a craft that is so simple, I almost am ashamed to share it....Almost. Then I remember, folks like easy projects!! So if you’re looking for some beachy summery décor, try your hand at my ombre origami fish art. This would also be perfect in an underwater themed nursery or bathroom!

Here’s what you need:
1 piece 8”x10” scrapbook paper
12 small pieces of origami paper: you want 4 colors (I chose a gradation of greens to make the ombre). Each color gets 3 pieces.
1 8”x10” frame with glass removed.
Glue or other adhesive for paper

Make 12 origami fish. I recommend this origami angel fish.

Why? Well, one reason is it’s simple, but it's also because if you arrange the fish in rows just so, it makes a chevron like pattern! I love how these little fish make a graphic pattern!

Once you have the fish arranged in four rows, going lighter to darker, alternating the way each row “faces”…glue the fish down.

Enjoy a quick, cute graphic piece of summer art!

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