Simple Tassel Redo

8:06:00 PM

A few months ago, I was at a church attic sale and ran across these for a song:

They are candle holders for taper candles. I almost never use tapers, but I loved the form of these tassels. And of course, the chipped gold wasn't really working for me, either. I just knew that if I gave them a little love, they would be perfect on my mantel!

First off, these guys had a lot of wax dripped all over.

I used soapy water to gently clean them and a case knife to remove the wax. This step took just a little bit of patience.

Then I found some great spray paint. I'm not a big spray painter, but I knew I wanted something glossy, but neutral. This glossy gray paint fit the bill perfectly!

Unfortunately, the nature of the tassels (as in super detailed) meant a lot of coats of spray paint...from all different directions!

But eventually, I got the coverage I wanted.

These guys sure shine against my (still) white walls in the living room! I know that we're going to have loads of fun together! It's amazing what some spray paint will do for a couple of dollar purchase!

But I'm still not going to use them with tapers....

House of Rose

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  1. I love a good trash to treasure find! You have a really nice blog here. With great diy and crafts and recipes! I would love to have you come link up at my linky party each week! Show Me Your Plaid Monday's!

  2. What a great thrifty redo! I would love for you to come link up at my new weekly linky party Thrifty to Nifty Thursdays at A Jennuine Life. I'm working with a couple of bigger bloggers to feature great projects, so I'm hoping to bring great exposure for participants!

    Jenn - A Jennuine Life

  3. So cute! I hope you have fun using them in creative ways!