Menu Planning Monday 2013-07-08

9:53:00 PM

Confession time mind is not on a menu plan for this week. If you follow me on instagram, you might have figured out that I just got back from a long weekend at the beach celebrating our nation's birthday...and my own. And after a long ride back, I then spent some time on my back inside my freezer fixing my ice maker because we finally got the part to fix it and I did not want to wait another day...and I was the only one who can fit inside the freezer (we have a french door fridge and we couldn't take part of the freezer drawer off). But we had loads of fun and now (hopefully) have a working ice maker, so let's see if I can put together a coherent menu plan for the week.

Tuesday: Asian Sausage

Wednesday: Spaghetti
Thursday: Chicken Nuggets with Juiced Up Carrots

Friday: Fish Sandiwiches and Fruit
Saturday: Hamburgers and Corn on the Cob
Sunday: Homemade Pizza

What are you cooking up this week? Are you recovering from a crazy holiday weekend like I am?

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