White Chocolate and Strawberry Pudding Pops

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It's definitely summer here in the south, and although we've had a relatively cooler, rainier start to the summer than normal around here, we're still looking for something cold to eat for dessert in my house. So what does that mean? Popsicles!

But since this mommy wants to make sure to sneak something sort of healthy into the mix (because I'm sneaky like that) I wanted to add some fruit to the typical pudding pop. Since the twins in particular are all about strawberries right now, I thought I'd throw some of those in--and wow! This was the perfect mix. Everyone loved them!

Here's what you need:

8 smallish strawberries
1 small box of white chocolate pudding
2 cups cold milk

Slice up about 4 of the strawberries lengthwise. Set aside.

Chop up the rest of the strawberries. You want to chop up the berries pretty fine.

Mix the chopped berries, milk, and pudding mix for two minutes.

Pour into your popsicle molds. Slide a sliced berry on each side of each popsicle mold.

Place your popsicle stick down into the mold and freeze until solid--we did 3 hours and it worked perfectly.

Enjoy the white chocolate berry yumminess!

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