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Hey guys!! I wanted to share today a little craft that I did to get ready for Haven, which is a blogger conference (I leave today....I just can't wait!!!!). After going there last year, I realized that I was gone from my hotel room for long periods of time and 20 or so business cards in my little business card case I sewed  last year just didn't cut it. I wanted something bigger...and this case, made from cardstock, velcro, and a little glue should be perfect for the conference! I'm pretty excited to bring this pretty thing to Haven!

Are you ready to learn how to make it?

Here's what you need:
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Foil Embossed Cardstock  (this is a similar product to what I used)
White craft glue
Velcro dots
Silhouette Portrait or Cameo

First I took this silhouette shape for a bendy box...which was perfect for what I had in mind...almost. It was too big and I didn't need the extra pieces or the slit on the flaps.

So I deleted the pieces I didn't need and then scaled the two main pieces way down. I did keep the size bigger than my business card because I learned last year that we creative types like odd shaped business cards, and my plan is to slide any cards given to me into the back of this box for storage until I can take those up to my hotel room. I then welded the two piece together so I had one big piece.

Then I cut the whole thing out...the little perforations will be your fold lines.

I folded along those perforations and then glued the flaps. You will need to be a little patient to make sure that the glue works on the fold.

Then all was left was to add the velcro dots at the closure flap! (I know you're jealous of my vintage velcro...)

I love my new business cards, too. I'll be excited to pass them all out to my new friends at Haven! But even if you don't have a conference to go to, I'm sure you have a need for a little box that will close with enjoy!

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