Updates on the Living Room & Kitchen

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Back at the beginning of summer I shared with you how I was working on my living room and kitchen. I'm excited to tell you that I've made some progress, and there are more projects in the works! You see, I believe in being real with my readers. I don't believe in showing a "before" post and then a day later showing the finished room. You all know I have 3 small children and work full time outside of the house. Honestly, I struggle most weeks to get the floor clean without a minor renovation project going on so completing something is a major undertaking in focus.

But part of the reason I started this blog was to be kept accountable by someone, anyone to actually complete projects. It doesn't matter if you actually get onto me if I miss my (self-imposed) deadlines. I picture my readers as silent, harsh taskmasters...even when you comment on my work and you're nice about it. It helps motivate me to know that you're waiting with baited breath to find out the next design that I come up with.

So if you really don't care...don't tell me, mmmkay?

So, without further ado, here are somme projects that have been completed:

New curtains hung high (from Ikea)

New wooden stepstool

A new mini mudroom area

Kitchen and living room are now painted requisite gray by sherwin williams
Fixed the leak in the bathroom on the second floor so it doesn't leak into the kitchen again...yeah, this is the issue that started this whole room redo!

                Pineapple Pallet Art

                Tile Sign – Kind words are like honey

                Rustic Gray Faux Window

Some big projects are still in the works:
Remove the popcorn ceiling and repaint the ceiling (since we just fixed the shower leak, this is next on the agenda...anyone want to come over and help?)
Faux Shiplap accent wall
New mantel
New pillow covers for the couch

Hopefully we can get all of this done soon. My goal is to actually have a mantel to decorate before Christmas. I think my children would be traumatized if we didn't have a place to hang their stockings!

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