5 Minute Command Center

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How many folks are looking for quick, easy ways to get organized without breaking the bank? I know I am. And since I'm trying desperately to organize my home office, I knew the first step was to create a command center--you know, a place for little slips of paper and a calendar for quick scheduling needs.

Luckily, I had the supplies on hand to create a quick and easy magnet board and scheduling center. Even better, the frame I used had been given to me and Even if you don't have these items on hand, they are easy to find, and it's easy to assemble!

Here's what you need:

-A piece of metal that a magnet will stick to (you can find this at your big box home improvement store--just make sure that a magnet will stick!
-A calendar (I'm partial to black and white photography, so I used a Christmas gift)
-Small command hook
-Frame without glass that will fit your calendar and your metal. It's up to you if you want it oriented horizontally or vertically.

Take the glass out of the frame if you have it.

It just so happens that one of my children broke the glass to the frame, so this step had already been handled. Yeah, my little "helpers" struck again. Place your metal into the frame...

...and then put the backer board back into the frame. Place your command hook and then hang up your calendar.

Then sit back and wonder why it took so long to organize your home. I had all the pieces to this except the calendar for months!


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