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How often do you take family pictures? I'm ashamed to say that before this last fall, the last time we took family pictures, my (three-year-old) twins weren't even thought of. Yep. I'm a slacker. But this fall, we finally found the time to get some family pictures as well as some shots of each of us. I love these pictures, and I'm so excited to have one of all 3 of my girls that turned out great! So, to immortalize that moment, I had to create my own photo ornament--with Mod Podge photo transfer medium (affiliate link).

I took a blank white ceramic ornament that I bought at my local craft store (you can find a similar ornament here (affiliate link). This is the perfect backdrop for this type of project, since the photo transfer medium is white. If your ornament came with a string or ribbon, remove it before proceeding.

I took my selected photograph and flipped it horizontally in photoshop. This isn't imperative, but it does keep your picture from being mirrored, so if there's writing in the picture, you definitely don't want to miss this step. Print out your picture with a printer that uses dry toner (not ink).

Trim your print of the picture to fit the ornament. I kept part of the ornament blank on purpose so I could write the date later with a permanent marker.

Place a thick coat of transfer media on the front of print. You don't want to be able to see the picture at all. Place the print onto the ornament, transfer media face down. Allow to dry for at least 24 hours.

After the waiting period, take a damp rag and soak the paper. Then gently rub the paper until the picture is revealed. You may have to wet the image and rub several times to get all the paper fibers off the ornament.

If you want the image to look vintage and faded, you can leave it as is. If you want the colors to pop a little, you can coat the image with some matte mod podge.

Thread the ornament with a ribbon and hang it on your tree!

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