Easy Flower Embellished Skirt

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I am proud to announce that I have moved to the next level in sewing.

I have officially sewn clothing for my children.

Before last week, I had sewn my fair share of window treatments, pillows and hot and cold packs. I had made no-sew clothing for my daughters (and their dolls). I had even managed to make a pillow dress out of a t-shirt, but I don't count that because the majority of the sewing was part of the t-shirt when I got it.

But I had never ever sewn an article of clothing from scratch. I had watched my grandma and my mom make clothes. But I felt ill-equipped. Not much time, and my sewing machine was a hand-me-down from my mom that I fought with more often than not.

But about a month ago, amazon was running a deal on a beautiful new sewing machine with a lot of bells and whistles. My husband urged me to get it. Yes, urged. Sorry ladies, he's taken. And thus, I ordered a new sewing machine

So then I played around with the machine when it got here a couple of days, and then it was time to get down to business. I had some lovely yellow and pink flowered fabric remnants from my grandma, enough to make a skirt for Lil Bit for her first day of school. 

A while back, I had pinned this lovely and easy skirt pattern from Oliver + S. I mean, you cut out a big rectangle from the fabric. Easy peasy. Make a tube, then a casing on one side and trim with ribbon on the other. Check out the link for all the details.

But I had to make this skirt mine--I mean my daughter's. So I added a ribbon flower detail at the bottom of the skirt, with a button for the center! Basically, you make 3 figure 8's with the ribbon--and sew it on in the center.

Then add a button. Easy!

Someone was pretty excited to wear the skirt her first day of First Grade!

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