Simple Rag Skirt

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Almost all girls through a dress up phase. But has anyone else noticed that little girls outgrow commercial dress up clothes before they outgrow the dress up phase? My biggest little girl, Lil Bit, has reached this point. We have many dress up skirts...but all of them are too small for her. Oh, she can still shimmy into them....but they make her look way too grown up. Think...Pretty Woman instead of Pretty Princess.  But she still wants to dress up. So what's a mom to do? I make a dress up skirt with as little sewing as possible: a rag skirt.

This skirt is really easy. First, take a whole lot of fabric scraps.

Then, decide on a length. I wanted this skirt to hit mid-calf. Then, double that length, and cut a lot of 2 inches wide strips with this double length. I ended up making (lots and lots of) strips at 2 inches wide by 36 inches because we wanted the skirt to be about 18 inches long.

Measure the child's waist and cut a piece of elastic about an inch longer than her waist. Overlap the ends and stitch it (I did it by hand)

Then you fold a strip in half and run the loop under the elastic.

And then you pull both ends through the loop to make a knot.

Keep repeating until you fill out the skirt. Then start the twirling!!

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