One Little Word--Grace

6:00:00 PM

Instead of making a lot of goals for my house that I may or may not get to with 2 preschoolers and a elementary school kid running around to (like last year--that can still be my goal list!), I am going to have one single, solitary word that I focus on this year. And that word is...

grace one word for 2014

I want to have more grace for myself. More grace for my kids in their school work and their various escapades.More grace for my husband when he and I don't see eye to eye.

What does more grace mean?

It means less being hard on myself when I don't meet the goals I set.

It means less yelling. At everyone.

It also means accepting grace when it is given to me. Grace is never is by definition unmerited favor. So I should stop feeling guilty about accepting someone else's grace.

I think that being known as gracious and graceful...sounds exactly right for 2014.

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