Heart in Hand Embellished Mittens

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They are adorable and functional and a perfect quick project for January. When it started getting cold, I found some gloves for my biggest girl, but I realized that one of my twins didn't have a pair of gloves that came with her coat like the other did. I found this adorable little pattern from Martha Stewart. It is very simple and is knit completely flat.

Even better, each mitten is knit exactly the same...

You just fold them up differently.

And then you finish them off with a contrasting yarn in a single crochet.

It is a simple pattern, but I can't leave well enough alone. I had to make these mittens my own. You know, before I give them away to my little princess. Honestly, you can do this with any mittens or gloves, store bought or hand made. I back stitched a little heart inside the palm of each mitten.

Because my heart is in my hands every time I see my little girls. They are frustrating and precious and special and precocious. So now I know where my heart is...and now all of my girls have warm fingers. Mission accomplished.

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