Glittered Butterfly Crown--From Napkin Holders #31days #createwkids

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Glitter, Crowns, and Napkin Rings...

Sounds like the perfect combination, right?

We don’t have much use around our house for napkin rings, especially ones that are single use. But crowns, well, we have loads of uses for a crown or three. So we decided to upcycle some pretty laser cut napkin holders into some pretty, shimmery butterfly crowns.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Laser cut napkin rings (made of a heavy craft paper…the ones we used are from David Tutera’s Casual Elegance line)
Glitter Mod Podge
Paint brush

First, do a dry run to figure out how many napkin rings make a crown that is the right size for your head. We used 3 for my 5-year old. These napkin rings notch together, so we just daisy-chained them together until it was long enough!

We then took them apart, and then brushed a decent coat of glitter mod podge onto them. You could use regular mod podge, but we wanted any surface that didn’t keep the glitter on it to still be…glittery. 

We then poured the glitter on top of the mod podge, and then shook of the excess. My 5-year-old helped with all of these steps.

After the mod podge is dry, an adult (or an older child) should brush on another coat of glitter mod podge to seal in the glitter.

And then it's ready for princesses!


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