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I fully intended to write about something else today, but since Martha Stewart’s recent interview where she says bloggers aren't experts has created a small uproar in the blogging community, and since the topic touches upon creativity and excellence and who is an expert, I thought I’d throw in my opinion, in the form of a letter of to Martha. This is not an attack on Martha, but rather, a statement on how I am an expert in the eyes of my children--how we all have the potential to be experts if we inspire another.

Dear Martha:

I love your products. You obviously have a high standard for excellence, awesome creativity, and an amazing marketing mind. You inspire me to achieve a new level of creative excellence. But your recent interview has a lot of people in a tizzy. They are asking, what makes an expert? Are these bloggers who are a resource for us—are they experts?

I’m here to say…I’m not an expert. Never claimed to be.

I’m a real person, with a real budget, learning as I go. I have failures…lots of them. (All you people who know me in real life can snicker if you wish, but please don’t share those failures, okay? I’m talking about decorating, crafting, and cooking failures, not the other kind.) I am not a trained editor, chef, builder, or writer.

I’m a person who loves to create. I share my experiences and results of my creative process with the online world. But I don’t claim to be an expert.

But do you know who thinks I’m an expert? My kids. And that is a scary responsibility. Soon enough, they will no longer view me as an expert on anything. So right now, I am going to take advantage of my “expert” status, and be as creative as I possibly can be, and teach my girls to do the same. All the while, we will also strive toward excellence. I want to teach them to always try our best, but also realize that there is always another step to take, to become better. I’ll also share my experience with others, so that perhaps they won’t make the same mistakes.

Thanks, Martha, for inspiring us bloggers. Remember that the people who define who experts are aren't other experts…it is those who have been inspired.


P.S. So if you’re reading this, and you think you can’t hack this creativity thing—that it’s too hard to be creative with your kids, remember that your children (at least the young ones) think you are an expert. Go with it. Take advantage of their view of you, and create without fear. You can do it. You can inspire your children, 

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