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If you want to be creative with your kids, may I recommend taking adventures with them?

I have a feeling you may be envisioning some grand camping  trip, or maybe a special excursion.

I promise, it isn’t nearly as complicated as that, but it requires a change in attitude.

Maybe your adventure is grocery shopping. Don’t view it as a chore, but as an exercise in creativity. Ask your child to come up with a dish that uses an ingredient that you’re purchasing together. Or come up with a recipe together, and then make it from start to finish, with the ingredients you have used.

My kids relive our “adventures” as part of pretend play. They make “soup” all the time, and I mentioned the recipes Lil Bit came up with—they were based on recipes we had made together.

Or perhaps you could go to a sporting event…there has been a lot of cheerleading occurring in my house since we went to a football game together.

The adventures that children pick up on are limitless. My favorite pretend play via my then 3-year-old daughter involved potty training.

So remember…

  • The everyday is an adventure to your kids.
  • Adventures are memorable
  • Adventures inspire creativity. 
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