Coral Glass & Unakite Statement Necklace

6:10:00 AM

There’s something about summer that makes me want to make some cool jewelry. I’ve been drooling over those cool statement necklaces you see everywhere, but I just couldn’t get myself to spend the money on a trendy necklace…I tend to invest in classic pieces.

But just like last year, when I made my beachy coral necklace, when I went to the beach I had to go into the bead store. There must be something about the summer time and coral, because I gravitated to these coral glass beads, and these coral and green semi-precious stones—I think they are called unakite.

So I decided to make another statement necklace, but because I am a more ambitious crafter than last year, I added more detail, more strands…and a large pendant in the middle of it all.

I took the coral colored glass beads, 2 different sizes of unakite beads, some clear beads, and these fun beads that I’ve had for years that look like white washers.

I had some fine invisible beading thread, too. I figured out a couple of different patterns for the 3 strands.

Once I got them to the length I wanted, I ran all three strands into a single bead, and then threaded the rest of the necklace with the thread from all three strands on each side of the “bib”.

I finished off with some hardware, and then tried it on—perfect.

I have to admit, though, not everyone was as excited as I was about this necklace. My brother-in-law described it as “Ariel meets Mr T” and keep saying stuff like, “Pity the fool” all evening long.

But I pity the fool that hates on my necklace because I am really enjoying it!

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