A Failed Learning Moment

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It’s been a while since I've posted things that my kids have said. Do you all enjoy them? I feel like the only one who wants to hear about the things that they've said is my mother, (Hi, Mom!) which is why I've made those type posts a rarity. But this one, well, it was just too funny. I think it was more funny to me because the “learning moment” that I was attempting failed so miserably. I am of the opinion that any time can be a time to teach my kids something new…but that doesn't mean it’s successful all the time.

We've been eating a lot of strawberries while they are in season. The twins will beg for strawberries if there is even a suspicion that strawberries are in their general proximity. And by a suspicion, I mean any of the following qualifies:
  • We see a poster on the front of a store.
  • I pick some cherry tomatoes from our garden(right size, right color…must be a strawberry, right?).
  • They hear the word berry.
Anyway, one evening we had completely demolished all items even remotely resembling a strawberry in our household. Everyone else was finished with dinner, and I was finishing cleaning up Sweet Pea.
SP: I want more strawberries, Mama!
Me: I’m sorry, baby, but they’re all gone.
SP: Where are they?
Me: You ate them. [Quick—teachable moment about anatomy]. You put them in your mouth and when you swallow them they go into your tummy.
SP: [Lifting up her shirt and pointing to her belly button] Right here?
Me: Yup. Right there.
SP: No! Silly Mommy! There no strawberries right there. Is my belly.
Oh, my literal, visual child. Who can argue with that?
What kind of teaching moment have you attempted…and failed miserably?

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