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This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and All You, but all my opinions are my own. #lifeforless #pmedia

I've been couponing pretty regularly for almost a decade. And do you know what a big secret to saving during big couponing events is? It's having coupons that not everyone has. Pretty much everyone in your local store can have this week's coupons. They probably can print out some coupons off the internet. But not everyone realizes what my secret weapon is: All You magazine.

All You has great articles on ways to save money--as well as fun frugal crafts and yummy recipes. I have been a reader of this awesome magazine for some time, and it has always been worth my while. The thing that was inconvenient about the magazine was, until the last couple of months, the only retail outlet that sold All You was Walmart. Well, all that has changed, and I am very excited. You see, I rarely go to Walmart. But now, there are a lot more stores that have All You available, and I am totally doing a happy dance about it!

But how do you save money with All You? Let me give you the perfect example with this month's issue of All You. I piled the family into my car and headed to my local Bi-Lo.

Yes, Bi-Lo is one of the great stores where you can now buy All You! We were really excited to find those magazines, although my oldest wasn't looking so excited here!

I found the All You issues right at the checkout stands without any problems, but if you can't find the latest issue, but sure to ask a manager where they keep All You.

Then learn about all the ways to save that are throughout the magazine! Here are a couple of items that caught my eye right away (highlighted by arrows):

  • Coupons: Every issue has loads of coupons. You can find a list of coupons right by the table of contents, with the values for each brand of coupon and the page numbers. The folks at All You want to make it easy. I found several coupons for items we use. 
  • Articles: I paged through and found an interesting article about apps that save you money. After doing a little bit of learning, I found some more savings through an app for my shopping trip!

So, back to the shopping trip at Bi-Lo. The priority for this shopping trip was to get ready for potty training the twins with some special treats and to get one necessity that we were running low on: paper towels. My girls and I found several items that we usually buy that had coupons in this month's issue of All You.

My twins were pretty excited about those coupons...or maybe they know the M&Ms are for them...or maybe it was the fun grocery cart. I can't decide. :-) Here's the rundown on what we got:
  • Sparkle Paper Towels (do you know how many we go through? It's ridiculous!)
  • M&Ms (a perfect treat for the successes of potty training)
  • Mars Ice Cream Novelties & Newton's Cookies...well, we needed treats for the rest of us!
  • And the bonus item: Koolaid Jammers. There wasn't a coupon for this, but we found savings through an app that we learned about in this month's issue of All You!

The amount saved via All You through a single shopping trip? More than $4! And we paired the savings directly from All You with some amazing sales to save even more! We more than recouped the purchase price of All You with this single shopping trip. And beyond the simple coupon savings, I now have learned about some new saving tools with apps that are now a part of my savings playbook!

Do you want to pick up your very own copy of this month's issue of All You? You can find all the stores that carry All You at this site:\value.   You definitely want to try this magazine out!

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P.S. This is a sponsored post brought to you via Pollinate Media and All You. I was compensated for this post, but I only share items that I love! I read and use All You every month.

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