How to Learn to Cook

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Do you have some resolutions to cook more this year and eat out less? Do you look at your favorite blogs and say, man, I wish I could cook like that person. They are so awesome.

I hope you feel that way about my blog. J

But seriously, if you are wanting to know how to make up recipes (and honestly, other pursuits follow these rules, too), I can give you the low down. It boils down to 5 basic rules:

Rule Number 1: Don’t be afraid to fail.
Because you will. See this beautiful pork loin? I looks great, it smells great, and I was going to share the recipe with you this week.

But I’m not…because it was super dry. I’m going to have to go back to the drawing board on this one. I’m just keeping it real, folks.

Rule Number 2: Have a backup plan.
It kind of goes with Rule #1. If you’re experimenting with a new recipe—whether you made it up or not—be ready to say…”Hey, this tastes awful.” I remember early in my marriage I made some kind of orange chicken. I followed the recipe exactly. And both my husband and I hated it. So we made something else. This is where freezer pizzas and peanut butter sandwiches are very handy to have.

Rule Number 3: Do your research.
Don’t expect to throw some stuff in a pan and expect it to turn out wonderful. I mean, it might. But if you’re starting out, the chances are much higher of a big fail. If you have gone to a trusted resource (and there are a lot out there folks—the internet has given you so many resources!) and tweaked a recipe to make it yours…that research will pay off, I promise.

Rule Number 4: Have the tools.
Make sure you have the things you need (utensils, ingredients) before you start. It saves frustration. It saves time. Now, I am of the same opinion as Alton Brown regarding kitchen tools: you only need one unitasker in your kitchen (a fire extinguisher), but basic tools (that multitask) are a must.

Rule Number 5: Don’t be afraid to fail.
I know that was rule number 1. But it bears repeating. You cannot succeed at something if you don’t try. You will cook something that you or a love one will not like. If you have toddlers, then you have a 100% chance of cooking something they will not like.

Now go cook something!

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