Last minute Father's Day Printables

8:46:00 PM

So are you like me and still working on Father's Day projects? Or am I the last one?

Anyway, if you are my husband then you need to stop reading this. My father and father-in-law, too.

Waiting for the men to leave...

Are they gone? Okay, great.

I have a great idea for my husband's gift for Father's day. Since my girls are all under 5, they need some help. I'm not going to tell you what it is, but it is related to nature, and something my husband has asked for in the past.

Anyway, we went to the zoo this past weekend, and I got some great shots I got of the animals there.

Here's some pictures of the gorilla posing for me:

So since this was something that we recently did as a family, I thought we could incorporate it into his Father's Day card. I converted the image into photoshot, and well forgive the pun, but monkeyed with the contrast. I then placed some appropriate text and came up with this image:

But since I wanted a card, I created a card that can be printed on one side and make a quick fun card for him!

So if you are wild about your dad--or your kids are--here are a couple of free printables just for you!

I may just make some for the girls' Granddaddy and Papa, time permitting...

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  1. What a creative card! I love this idea!
    Wish you a beautiful Sunday,