Friday Fun--Time for Fresh Veggies!

8:17:00 AM

I think everyone is a little slower introducing things to their first child. You want to protect them so much, and then you kind of get into a routine, while the little ones—especially in their first 12-18 months—grow so quickly and go from tiny helpless little creature to a strong dynamo who all of the sudden goes from toddling to RUNNING in no time flat.

We aren’t at the running stage with the twins yet—and at 14 months, I’m not worried since they were two months early. Honestly, I wouldn’t be worried even if they were term babies. But I find myself willing to let them do things that I never let my eldest child do at this stage. Take food, for example. At this stage, I was cutting up my eldest’s food into tiny pieces. I know for a fact that she was over 2 when she had her first corn on the cob. But then this week we got the first corn of the year in our produce co-op delivery.


Let's just say that we aren't waiting that long with the twins!!

Also, they have discovered that they can push their ride ons...

How blessed am  I! A year ago, they were {tiny} little ones who had troubles regulating their heartrates. No problems here now!

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