How to Make a Trifle

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Now that fresh fruit is coming in, I find myself thinking of ways to incorporate even more into our diets. Having a fruity dessert is a way to get that extra serving of fruit into the mix. My favorite way to accomplish that: the trifle.

The thing about a trifle is that it is more of a methodology than a recipe. And because of the flexibility, you can make a trifle as healthy--or unhealthy as you wish. You just need a few items, really.

First, you need a clear container of some kind. After all, why go to the trouble of making all these pretty layers if you can't show them off.

Then you need some kind of base. I used one half of a angel food cake. However, you have all kinds of flexibility here. I've used angel food and pound cakes most often. I really want to use some brownies for a super decadent option. You can also use a gluten free cake--whichever strikes your fancy.

Take whatever base you have chosen and cut it into about 1 inch cubes.

Next, you need a fruit. This can be a fresh fruit, a frozen fruit, or a canned fruit. Pretty much anything goes--you just want it to go with your base. Hey, you could even use pie filling if you wanted to go super decadent--I'm thinking cherry pie filling and something chocolate would be way yummy. I picked for my fruit some strawberries that I had frozen earlier this spring. No sugar, just natural sweetness here!

Next, you need a "fluffy" ingredient. I went with some lowfat non-dairy whipped topping. I know it's not the best for you, but I was going dairy free with this dessert, and I did go with the "lite" version. Other options for this would be real whipped cream, yogurt, and pudding. The last trifle before this batch was made with pudding and it was really good.

Anyway, here's how assemble the trifle. Cover the bottom of your dish with your base (and keep little helpers from eating too much of the base.

Add a layer of fruit, then a fluffy layer. Repeat.

Let chill for at least an hour. Enjoy a light, sweet treat as part of your spring or summer day!

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  1. we love truffles too and they are simple and so pretty to take to cookouts our pot lucks they are always big hit

    1. I love how easy yet impressive they are! Thanks for stopping by!