Friday Fun: We're always learning

3:34:00 PM

As we were driving to school today, I pointed out a school bus. My four year old loves them, partially because they are yellow.

She told me, "Mommy, the babies don't know about school buses."

I replied, "You're right. You're going to have to teach them things like that, and teach them the things your learning, like reading and writing."

She said, "Well, when I'm big, I'll be done learning."

Now, I am a big believer in lifelong learning. So I jumped on that. "No honey, you'll always be learning. Mommy is big and I'm still learning things every day."

"Ok, Mommy, when I'm big I'll still be learning. And I'll drink coffee."

So I replied, "I'm sure you will drink coffee since you're so determined about it."

I hope that she keeps that attitude when she is big. (the learning, not the coffee part!) I want her to look to learn about things all the time, and not see it as a chore. I hope that these discussions keep happening--don't they always seem to happen when we're driving somewhere? Maybe kids know that if they ask difficult questions other times, Mom and Dad can get away from them! But these conversations are teaching so much! And mommy learns from them too!

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