Glass Tile Magnets--Clearing off the Fridge!

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I love my refrigerator. It is lovely. I can fit huge amounts of food in it. I don’t however, like how it looks now:

My dear husband loves to collect magnets from places that we have travelled. He started the tradition before we married, and to this day we try to find magnets at each vacation stop. I think it’s a cool tradition—but I don’t like how it makes my kitchen look. It makes it look, well, junky. Add some beautiful preschool artwork, and store some crap on top, hang pot holders on it, and well, it looks remarkably like a yard sale threw up on it. I don’t have anything against a good yard sale, but this is just too much.  

In the hopes of having a beautiful, streamlined kitchen…you know how I dreamed of this when I started my Spring Cleaning Challenge here…I have the following goals for the refrigerator:

  • Make some matching magnets for the few things I now allow on the fridge
  • Find a new home for the magnets
  • Find a new home for the potholders
  • Find a new home for the stuff on top
  • Scan the artwork into the computer for a cute screensaver.

So are you ready for some new magnets? These are the supplies you need: small tiles, magnets, and superglue compatible with tile and the magnets.

I think that I've mentioned before that I work at an architecture firm, and that we moved a few months ago. Well, in cleaning out our old office, I ran across some glass tile samples. In case you've never worked with glass tile, typically they are small--one inch by one inch or one inch by two inches. In order to make shipping and installation easy, they come to you in a sheet, typically held together with a mesh.  (I forgot to take a picture of this). I removed all the tile from the backing--some was glass tile, and some was travertine, which is what my backsplash in my kitchen is. Basically I just peeled the stuff off, but if you need a tutorial go here.
Now, are you ready for the super easy part? Take the tile. Take the magnets (make sure they are fairly strong magnets to hold the weight of the tile). Glue the tile to the magnet. Wait for them to dry. Done.

If you want to be creative, you can take several tiles and glue them together with the magnets to make a bigger magnet. Oh, and in case you think you can just go with self adhesive magnets...don't. Trust me on this one. Glass tiles will break if they fall from the height of a few feet.

That's all you need for some super sleek coordinating tile magnets!

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