Drawing on the iPad--A Wading Bird

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Usually, when I have a craft project, I have a goal in mind--either it is for the home or for a gift. Occasionally, my goal is something for myself. Nevertheless, I have some type of goal in mind. However, sometimes I need a chance to create with little to no pressure, to have a project with no goal in mind. I recently got the opportunity to do just that--and even better, there was no cleanup!

My dear husband has been saving up for an iPad with gift money and doing the occasional extra thing to earn a bit of cash. We recently purchased it, and he surprised me with an early birthday gift--a stylus for the iPad. You see, he loves for me to do art, but the prep and cleanup is often disheartening, especially when I rarely have much time to devote to it at any one time. It seems by the time I have my supplies out and ready, I find that it is time to clean up. And heaven knows with the little ones running around, I rarely have the desire to clean something else up! Anyway, back to the iPad and the stylus. I had the opportunity to mess around with these awesome art tools. I used an app called Art Rage, and I must say that it was very intuitive. (No, I'm not getting reimbursed for writing about this app--I just liked it!) It was like being able to use oils, watercolors, pencils and markers. Without cleanup. I don't think I can say the "no cleanup" part enough. I loved just messing with this new medium for art, and after just maybe a couple of hours, I came up with a little doodle that I liked. There's no purpose to this little wading bird. Just pure enjoyment.

I hope that  you enjoy it too!


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  1. That's so awesome! You are so completely talented at drawing.