Amazing Fairy Tale Retellings

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Do you love to read?

I’ve been a bookworm from a young age, but life gets busy, especially with kids and work and home and blog and all the other things that get into our lives. But as suddenly I have 3 school age kids under my roof this year (seriously, how did that happen??) I have realized that I miss books. I miss them so very much. And I’ve found that reading to my kids and showing them how much I love to read is so important. And I’ve realized how much I need books to escape and to recharge my life.

Anyone else feel that way? Please tell me that you love books, too.

I guess my idea of decorating bookshelves reflects my love for books. I style my bookshelves with one rule: fit as many books as possible (as long as I can still find them). No pretty knickknacks. No sorting by color. Don’t even think of making your own blank dust jackets. I may put some pretty things in front or use a heavy art object as a book end, but I must be able to find every precious book. Must. Please tell me you understand that my love of books trumps my love of design. Tell me I’m not the only one. Tell me you're looking for more books to read...and with the popularity of live action fairy tales in the movie theatre, I thought I'd share my favorites right now!

I have mentioned before that I want to share some lists of books with you. And I admit that the links I provide are affiliate links where if you click on the links I get a small commission, but it doesn’t impact your price at all.

And can I share my favorite thing my husband has given me this year? A kindle voyage. I was always doubtful that a ebook was really as satisfying as a real paper book. But I have to admit that I’m a convert. Travelling with one slim kindle (it is so small!) that has several books is so much more convenient than a stack of books. And if you do have a kindle, you may want to look into kindle unlimited…it’s a great service that lets you borrow an unlimited amount of ebooks from the kindle owner lending library. If you're looking for a gift idea for a someone who loves books, maybe a kindle and a kindle unlimited subscription would be a perfect gift!

And since I took so long to be a digital book convert, where available, I’ll share the digital and print links for your convenience.

Fairy Tale retellings:

Beauty by Robin McKinley

I found this book back when I was in junior high and it has long been my favorite book. Not only does it dive into the story of Beauty and the Beast with lovely imagery, but it also deals with such coming-of-age issues as self-image, wealth, and how family relations change as you become an adult. Kindle edition / Print edition

You’re going to find a little trend for me. I’ve always loved a good fairy tale retelling. The Andari Chronicles retell Cinderella, Rumplestilskin, and the Twelve Dancing Princesses. But these stories only use the bare framework of the fairy tales to create a beautiful tapestry throughout the series. If you love intrigue, politics and espionage in your fairy tales, this series is for you.
Series / Volume 1 Kindle Edition / Volume 1 Print Edition

If you are looking for sci-fi fairy tales, this series is for you. What if Cinderella was a cyborg? What if the story involves discrimination, espionage, mind control, and biological warfare?

The Four Kingdoms Series is a more traditional retelling of fairy tales but with amazing characterization of both the princess from the princess and the pea and little red riding hood. What if the princess didn’t admit the pea hurt? What if Little Red Riding Hood is more like a wolf?

These fairy tales (Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood, and Beauty and the Beast) provide the elements that are quickly deconstructed. What would it be like if Sleeping Beauty was an intelligent girl who was befuddled by the changes her world has taken in the 300 years she’s been asleep? What if Little Red Riding Hood was a forest guardian in training? What if Beauty and her Beast were competing to solve a murder?
Volume 1 Kindle Edition / Volume 1 Print Edition


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