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How do your kids select their Halloween costumes? My girls take their selections very seriously. That’s probably a good thing, since I typically either make their costumes or find them at consignment sales! Take Sweet Pea. She’s known what her costume was going to be since May, if not before. After all, it’s also her career selection, which she announced with pride at pre-K graduation – she wants to be Wonder Woman. So with a little girl that passionate about her costume, this mom had to deliver an amazing costume. This costume is amazingly simple!

Earlier this week I shared how I made a Batgirl costume for my eldest, and the directions are pretty similar; however, since there was netting involved, I wasn’t sure that hot glue would work, so I decided to make this costume a sewn one. But if you can sew a straight line, you can do this—promise!

The supply list is actually really pretty easy to find at a craft store or online. I've included some affiliate links for you for your convenience.

2 yards of spangled blue tulle
Blue thread
1 yard red fabric
scrap of additional red fabric
Red Thread
Fat quarter of yellow cotton fabric
Miscellaneous notions (hem gauge, fabric scissors, paper scissors, pen for marking, pins, etc)

To make the skirt, I cut the skirt fabric into 2 pieces and then folded them in half. About an inch down from the fold, I sewed a seam to make the casing.  I then sewed up the ends in a seam for the back of the skirt and the 1/2" elastic inside. I left the edges raw instead hemming the bottom edge (the fabric didn't fray).

For the cape, I reused fabric from an old pre-k graduation gown. I cut a rectangle, hemmed 3 sides, and put a casing (also known as a slightly larger hem open on both sides on the last side. I ran some elastic cord through the casing and tied it to make a cape with a stretchy collar. 

The t-shirt was the easiest part of this costume. I washed the t-shirt and dried it to remove the sizing. I found the Wonderwoman logo on the Silhouette Design Store. 

I used a regular blade in my Silhouette to cut the shape. Once the shape was cut, I just had to iron it on!

The crown was very easy with my Silhouette Craft Cutter! I drew a crown shape in the Silhouette software, and then I found a star shape in my library. 

Then I ironed some interfacing onto the wrong side of my fabric. I followed the instructions in the interfacing to prep for cutting and then cut the fabric using my craft cutter (don't forget to use a fabric blade!) I cut two mirror images of the crown so I could iron them together so both sides would be finished. I only cut one star. I ironed the two crown pieces together with the wrong side facing in and then ironed the star on. I just tied the elastic cord to the holes on either end, and the crown was done!

I guess this little girl is ready for her chosen career...or at least, Halloween!


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